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  • Who are we?

    Yoga Tools For Schools started in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia in 2011, as a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation and in late 2019 joined with Shed 3, under their group of NFP organisations.

    Yoga Tools For Schools delivers personal and professional development, yoga-based programs to educators (and others working with students) to develop the skills of self-awareness, self-care and self-management in both the educator and student, to support meaningful and positive learning communities.

  • Why Yoga Tools came about?

    Yoga Tools was founded by a group of yoga teachers, school teachers and parents, who were passionate about: empowering young people to make healthy, positive choices and decisions; alleviating the stress that children and youth live with today; supporting teachers and carers with wellbeing tools for themselves and those they care for and; providing a positive alternative to current youth issues and crime.

  • What are Yoga Tools?

    Yoga Tools are simple, yoga-based exercises and activities that can be utilised in learning environments. Yoga Tools are fun ways to immediately feel more focused, energised or relaxed and require just 2-8 minutes of time with no extra space or equipment needed. Yoga Tools allow educators to experience and share valuable life skills, which offer solutions for managing life's challenges.

  • How can I support Yoga Tools in the Community?

    There are a number of ways you can support Yoga Tools: Become a Sponsor; lend a helping hand (contact us to offer your time); visit our website and spread the word; like us on Facebook and/or; participate in our trainings. We would love your support.

  • Do I need to be a teacher or know yoga to participate in the program?

    No. Anyone who wishes to learn simple and effective ways to empower themselves (from parents to teachers to corporate bosses) and those they teach with simple, effective self-awareness, self-care and self-management strategies can learn Yoga Tools. No yoga experience is required.

  • Does Yoga Tools apply for grants?

    Yes, Yoga Tools is currently funded by or programs, sponsors, local fundraising and grants. If you are aware of any grant opportunities the Yoga Tools may apply for, please contact us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  • Is yoga a religion?

    No. First evidence of yoga poses illustrated on rocks shows us that yoga was developed close to the year 3000 BCE. However, academics suspect that yoga's roots began in Shamanism during the Stone Age.

    Different systems of yoga have evolved over time, but the original values and movements have remained intact from the original practice.

    Yoga teaches non-judgement and acceptance which invites a wide variety of people to seek out the practice of yoga. There has never before been a practice that has sustained it's elements the way that yoga has.

    Although yoga is said to have been created in India by a Hindu culture, it is not an extension to the Hindu faith. The practice of yoga is not faith-based. Yoga is an ancient methodology of mind-body-breath exercises that enhance health and so has been practiced by many cultures and people of many different religions for thousands of years.

    Yoga is a practice of self-awareness and self-development and is non-sectarian, and compatible with all religions. People of all backgrounds use yoga to be better people and to achieve their goals.

    If you are familiar with the differences between yoga and religion, it is easy to keep them separate, or if you prefer, to integrate them. The choice rests with each person as an individual.

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