We are passionate about:

  • Empowering young people to make healthy, positive choices and decisions;

  • Alleviating the stress that children and youth live with today;

  • Supporting teachers and carers with wellbeing tools for themselves and those they care for;

  • Providing a positive alternative to current youth issues and crime.

A Brief History

Yoga Tools For Schools was incorporated in 2011 to deliver yoga-based programs with an aim to realising our goals. Our programs included 5 - 8 hour Professional Development Trainings, as well as Wellbeing Workshops, Self-care Sessions and In-school Support.

Incorporated as a Not-For-Profit, Yoga Tools For Schools realised that the potential of the organisation had become obvious by successes with programs such as the Yoga Tools for Learning and Life Program (through the Communities for Children Government Initiative).

In 2019, the organisation made the decision to seek a new business direction, in order for us to develop and grow further.

As a result we have now joined with Shed 3, a Not-For-Profit group of organisations under one management team. This provides greater opportunities to support Yoga Tools as it moves into the future.

Our Pilot Program

Yoga Tools For Schools completed a pilot project in 2012, alongside a research team from James Cook University. This research documented and analysed:

  • Teachers' perceptions of the effects of yoga tools on their classes;
  • Usefulness and ease of applicaiton of yoga tools for teachers in their classes;
  • Teachers' personal experiences of using yoga tools for themselves, eg. has it affected their attitude towards certain classroom situations? Has there been any over flow to other parts of their life or professional situation?
  • The effect of different yoga tools on different age groups.

The expected outcomes of the research project were:

  • Improved understanding of the effects of teaching yoga techniques in schools;
  • Evaluation of the pilot of Yoga Tools For Schools curriculum for Teacher Professional Development;
  • Documentation and dissemination of research outcomes - at least one conference presentation and refereed publication.

The Executive Summary of this pilot project is available to read.

Our Future

We have developed a new, fresh structure, which incorporates both Online Learning Modules and Peer Teaching Workshops to allow even more educators to learn and share Yoga Tools.

We intend to continue developing new versions of our proven programs in the future to further support educators and learning institutions.

We look forward to supporting the health and wellbeing of educators and students at your school or organisation.