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When used in education, yoga is a system that teaches self-awareness, self-care and self-management by tuning into the body, the breath and the mind. Yoga Tools Professional Development Training Programs inspire educators to model and share Yoga Tools to nourish, balance and support teaching and learning during class time, with no extra space or equipment required.

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We are passionate about

Sharing Feel Great Tools for Learning & Life

Yoga Tools (Yoga Tools For Schools) is a NFP organisation founded by volunteer yoga teachers, school teachers and parents. We are passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga-based strategies to empower educators and their students to make healthy, positive choices and benefit social and emotional learning.

Under the umbrella of Shed 3 (formerly The Youth Network) Yoga Tools share our yoga-based wellness strategies with a combination of online learning and workshops.


We develop resilient and connected communities through the Tools of Yoga.
Teacher with students doing Eagle Pose


To empower educators and students with wellbeing tools for learning and life.


Yoga Tools is based on a foundational value of unity within community. This is brought to life by embedding trust, acceptance, respect, flexibility, gratitude, teamwork and fun through the sharing of activites, resources and events.


What Teachers Say

Paige D, Year 2 Teacher, Heatley State School

“Yoga tools have been a lifesaver for my classroom! At the beginning of the year my 
 students were really chatty and were not able to focus on tasks for a long time. I am now able to use a yoga tool to refresh and reset the children, so I can finish the tasks. Yoga tools have also been working well after lunch breaks when the students are loud and hot from running around. I use a lot of breathing tools at this time. I also love that I can choose what tool to use at each moment whereas some of the pre-set apps have set tasks to do, that at the time, might not work best for your children. Thank you, Yoga Tools for Schools, for making my classroom more manageable.”

What Teachers Say

Jessica W, Currajong State School

“Yoga Breaks this term have been exactly what my class needed. We take time to calm our bodies and minds and breath in our overstimulated world, classroom and curriculum. My class this year is very emotionally driven who often lose focus and require regular external attention. This causes mental, emotional and physical fatigue for both my students and myself. Yoga Tools are perfect as they can be tailored to the needs of the class at anytime throughout the day and fit seamlessly into our learning space."

What Teachers Say

Julie H, Aitkenvale State School

“Yoga Breaks help the children refocus, stop, refresh and are then able to continue with the class. Mindful minutes enable us to take time out for ourselves. After lunch we enjoy Five Finger Breathing to help us transition from lunch to a new learning session.”

What Students Say

B, Year 3, Townsville West State School

“I like yoga because it makes me calm and relaxed. My favourite yoga positions are Breath of Joy, Back release and Lying Twist, Six Movements of the Spine, legs up the Wall and Soothing Wisdom. I use yoga tools at home, I usually use the tools legs up the Wall and Belly Breathing in bed before I go to sleep. When I do yoga at home I fall asleep easier and I wake up in the sunlight instead of when it’s dark. Yoga makes me fall asleep and wake up being comfortable. On the way back to class I do mindful walking so the work is easy for me. It can make me concentrate on me and my work. I also teach my friends and some of my family.”

What Students Say

Year 2 Student

“I feel relaxed and free.”

What Students Say

Year 2 Student

“I was feeling so sad about my spelling test and now I feel peaceful.”

What our Facilitators Say


“One girl told me that she used Belly Breathing before her handwriting assessment, and it helped her feel less nervous.”

What our Facilitators Say


"After doing body Yoga Tools and fingertip breathing, a boy shared with the class, “After filling my lungs with so much energy and oxygen, I feel like I have just come home.” Such a beautiful moment.”

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